Train enthusiasts and tourists who enjoy spending time in the countryside have made the right decision in visiting the official website of the Winding Railway Lodge. On the following pages, they will be able to read a collection of articles that were written in order to allow visitors to see some of the reasons why the Winding Railway Lodge is one of the best train/railway themed accommodations from the whole Northern Ireland.

Located in the Mourne Mountains, Down District, Northern Ireland, the lodge features several specialties that make it a recommended choice for those who are passionate about trains and would like to spend their vacation or just a few relaxing days in a traditional lodge, where they can also fuel their craving passion for railways and related aspects.

Being the sole mountain lodge in the country which also offers a railway museum and an actual private railway for its customers, the Winding Railway Lodge will provide accommodation all year long and its guests will be able to spend some relaxing time by visiting the various locomotives, wagons and even custom build train stations that constitute the grounds of the lodge.

Be it simple tourists who find themselves in need for a warm and cozy accommodation or true train enthusiasts who wish to bring their family with them and enjoy themselves for a couple of days, everyone will find some common ground at the lodge.

In order to find out more about the lodge itself, what facilities it has to offer, the details needed for reserving a room, as well as images that depict the traditional atmosphere provided, people are invited to have a look on the following pages and contact the lodge owners using the dedicated page.