The Tour of the Railway Museum

Yet another great attraction at the Winding Railway Lodge is its famous railway museum. This structure will allow customers and visitors to immerse themselves into the history of the railway system present in old Ireland, and get a glimpse about how trains used to be run and what made the railway so needed those days.

Those who wish to visit the museum can either go by themselves, present their lodge key card and attain free access or join a group, and when a minimum of 10 persons have been gathered, visit the museum with a specialized guide. There are several guides that offer museum tour, each of them being locals that used to work in the railway industry and who have extensive experience when it comes to trains and how they played an important role in the past of that part of Ireland.union_pacific_18

Featuring an extensive facility, the railway museum includes multiple authentic pieces that were either purchased from the railway companies or were received from donations made by other passionate railway and trains enthusiasts.

People will be able to view both commercial and industrial trains that used to run in the past in that region, and the museum is split into two main sections using this exact criteria. The commercial trains include passenger, freight or even military trains that were used in the past, and the industrial trains section features the trains that were used in order to establish new industrial sectors, perform mining, carry various natural resources and most importantly, help in the peat processing.

For kids and those who are passionate about train models, the museum offers replicas in scales from 1/16 down to 1:43 for almost all of its real-size locomotives and wagons and in the center of the museum one can find a beautifully designed O-gauge model of the lodge’s private railway.