The Perfect Accommodation for Trains Enthusiasts

Clearly, one of the main reasons why the Winding Railway Lodge has become such a popular choice among tourists and those who are passionate about trains, is the fact that it offers one the chance to actually ride in a narrow gauge train, which was specifically been adapted to the requirements of the lodge. Furthermore, in its railway museum, people have the opportunity to make a small journey in the past and see for themselves how the trains were back then and the specific details of the railway services many years ago.bnsf_5350_20040808_prairie_du_chien_wi

Established more than 200 years ago, the lodge was initially one of the canteens that offered food and supplies for the coal and peat workers who were assigned in that part of the country. Since the lodge is located deep into the Mourne Mountains, its grounds coincide with an area which in the past was occupied by a large peat bog. Additionally, the mountain faces numerous coal deposits and these facts alone were sufficient in order to motivate people in the past to dispatch a separate industrial unit in that area, with the purpose of extracting all the available coal ore and peat from the bogs.

This initiative also brought with it the construction of a narrow gauge railway, whose remains were used for creating the small train circuit which the lodge features these days.

Many years later, a local couple decided to buy the lodge from an industrial company which deployed its works there, and after a full restoration and conversion of the railway, they have opened the lodge for accommodation and restaurant services.

People will be able to spend a good time in one of the 30 rooms available, each with 5 beds, camp outside in the yard of the lodge or leave their bags and go straight for the main attraction, the narrow gauge steam train. The railway museum is open every day, including the weekends, ensuring that people will always have something exciting to do and will not get bored.