Take the First Train to the Winding Railway Lodge

This might sound funny to some, but for train enthusiasts, this could be one of the greatest news that the lodge has to offer. After intense debate with the local authorities concerning the touristic value of the area where the lodge resides, it was decided that the nearest railway should be extended to have a diverting line that goes all the way up to the Winding Railway Lodge. This can only be seen as good news, since tourists will be able to reach the lodge by train, in a timely manner. The available train timetable is offered on this page, for people to study and determine which train ride is the most appropriate for them and their specific requirements.

The trains that reach the Winding Railway Lodge run every 20 minutes, this way allowing one the chance to catch one out of three trains every hour. This ensures that people who wish to reach the Winding Railway Lodge do not have to wait for extended periods of time and that they can get to the lodge in no time.penmanshiel_tunnel_coal_train_on_new_alignment

For those who come early and have also booked special train package, if they arrive by regular train, they will be able to take the narrow gauge steam train directly, since the local railway services, in partnership with the Winding Railway Lodge offer a gauge shift for the wagons which carry tourists from outside. This means that those who reserved the package can simply rest in their wagons, while the wheels are changed to a narrow gauge and then enjoy the lodge’s own railway tour, all without leaving the comfort of their wagons.

When purchasing the train tickets for the trains that reach the Winding Railway Lodge, tourists must specify that they have purchased the special train package and that they will be transferred to the narrow gauge railway directly, this way the train ticket operator being able to offer them corresponding tickets.