Recreational Activities and Other Facilities

Apart from the main attraction of the Winding Railway Lodge, which is its private narrow gauge train ride, the lodge also offers several other possibilities for those who are staying there. For instance, people can choose to spend some relaxing time in the separate sauna, which was constructed in accordance with the most strict design specifications used by Swedish sauna constructors.biskeri-_camping_i_img_7238

Furthermore, for sports aficionados, the Winding Railway Lodge features a large, beautiful cricket field, where gentlemen can relax by playing a game of cricket. Also addressing the needs and requirements of children, the lodge offers a mini-golf course, where children of all ages can have fun while trying to “pot” the ball through the railway and train themed golf course.

Those who enjoy sports can also do some weight lifting in the gym that is located at just one kilometer away from the lodge, which has an active partnership with the Winding Railway Lodge. All that customers need to do is present their lodge room key card to the gym instructors and they will be granted instant access to all the services during their stay.

Last but not least, all those who choose to stay at the Winding Railway Lodge can take part in the activities that involve peat and all of its applications. To this end, the lodge owners have created a special program that allows customers to get in contact with locals who specialize in extracting peat and processing it for creating various products.

People will be able to get hands-down in the peat bogs, use specialized tools for extracting and carry the peat, and then learn from the experts how to extract tar or other by-products that can result from processing peat. Using the resulted tar, they will be taught how to craft wooden skis or chairs and varnish them for protection against the elements with the tar they had just produced.