Pottery and Traditional Craftsmanship

Besides the private railway train ride and the other recreational activities offered at the Winding Railway Lodge, customers will be also able to enjoy other traditional activities. In the same trend as the peat processing techniques, the pottery and traditional craftsmanship activities were developed in order to enable people to make direct contact with the way that the local inhabitants have forged the items that surround them, and to be able to better understand the cultural heritage that resides in the traditional art works.download-45

One will be able to either enter the pottery shops and take part in live seminars, where people will be taught everything there is to know about the local clay or ceramics and pottery techniques or users can choose to practice other traditional craftsmanship, in the wood processing shed.

Regardless of their choice, the participants will be taken through a real journey in time, by using authentic tools and the presence of experts who have been involved in the traditional craftsmanship for many decades. Some of them will volunteer and others trained professionals that make part of the lodge staff, all the traditional work guides have been carefully selected by the owners of the Winding Railway Lodge, in order to ensure that the most accurate depiction of the cultural and artistic aspects of that part of the country are offered.

Having said that, those who enter both the pottery and the woodworks shops will not be disappointed, and they will be able to spend a constructive time during their stay at the lodge. In order to merge the traditional craftsmanship with the railway, trains and other relevant aspects, the guides who provide the seminars will also present various historical aspects, which are considered to be relevant with respect to the railway and train history in the area.