Here’s Why You Should Travel Through Argentina by Train

TS. Elliot once said, ‘The journey not the arrival matters’, and that is very true of travelling through the magnificent country of Argentina. While the railway system is slow and not always the most comfortable, it does allow a traveller to view the scenery, meet with other travellers and experience a more intimate journey that if you use air travel. The length of the journies undertaken allows time to fully assimilate the country, time to relax and enjoy yourself. Riding a train has a soothing quality to it and gives a deeper insight into the country.

shutterstock_285519413The Trains To Travel

The Argentinean railway, Ferrocarriles Argentinos, has seen its share of ownership. The British-French built railway was nationalised in 1948, privatised in 1990’s and re-nationalised in 2015 with plans for further development. Buenos Aires has three stations, and there four levels of comfort from basic to sleeper cars. Of most interest to travellers are the three narrow gauge railways that allow you to experience the country: La Trochita, travelling this route you get to explore 400km of the Andes foothills. Southern Fuegian Railway, to experience the Tierra del Fuego National Park. Tren Historico de Vapor, a narrow gauge steam train at Bariloche. For more in-depth information visit

Travelling by train for the experience.

The recent upgrade to the railway system has improved standards, comfort and processing, allowing you to organise your journey and see parts of the country you would never see from a plane. An Argempass can be purchased for first class travel over 30, 60 or 90 days, a worthy investment. All the trains are worth travelling on depending on your itinerary, but try not to miss La Trochita, better known as’, ‘the train to the cloud’ an experience for any traveller but a must for train enthusiasts. The twisting, turning railway some 4200 metres above sea level, has 20 bridges and tunnels and incredible panoramas, a journey to enjoy.