Book a Room at the Winding Railway Lodge

Accommodation reservations can be made in advance, in order to ensure that people have their rooms prepared and waiting for them when they arrive. The task is simple enough and this page was designed specifically for offering some guidance to all who wish to book a room, and even other railway services at the Winding Railway Lodge.

There are three types of rooms available, each one of them featuring five beds as a standard supply. However, upon request, the rooms can be fitted with a maximum of two extra beds or cleared of a maximum of three beds. It all depends on the requirements of the individual customer, and these details need to be provided when making the reservation, in order for the staff to be able to prepare the room as required.26003736732_fbbcda99a9_b

Featuring three floors, the lodge classifies its rooms in accordance with their corresponding floor, as follows:

  • The first type of rooms are located at the first floor and these are the rooms which are most often rented to those who also reserved the train special package, which enables them special privileges for the train ride;
  • Rooms of type two are located at the second floor and are special because they each have terracotta stoves, which provide great comfort during winter time;
  • The third type of rooms includes all the rooms that are located at the topmost floor, which have a beautiful view toward the mountains.

In order to reserve one or more rooms or even single beds, in accordance with the individual’s requirements, tourists need to call the reception of the lodge using the telephone numbers provided on the contact page or use the reservation form offered on this page, which will allow them to enter all the necessary details regarding the preferred accommodation, such as room type, number of required beds, or special requests.