Accommodation Prices and Availability

Depending on the season and prices, availability at the Winding Railway Lodge will vary accordingly. This is also reflected in the number of people who are requesting accommodation, since the more people come to stay in a single room, the more they will be eligible for receiving discounts and promotional items.

The prices for each room type can be previewed in the reservation interface and depending on the season, they range from 50 euros per night for the type three rooms and up to 200 euros per night for type one rooms, which are the ones that are offered for those who choose to purchase the special train package.

By using the provided “room availability” interface, people can first select a room type, then a preferred period for accommodation and even set budget. This will automatically trigger the system, which will then yield the available nights and different price ranges for each night.

After deciding on a preferred room and the duration of stay, people can select that room from the available list, click on the bed icons in order to indicate how many beds will be required in the room and then submit the request, which will bring up the booking deposit interface.hostel_dormitory

All common payment methods are supported, but people are advised to use credit cards since the booking deposit system is most compatible with this method. After successfully registering the deposit, a confirmation email message will be sent to the provided address and customers will have solid proof that their rooms are waiting for them in the exact condition as requested.

Bookings can also be made by personally visiting the lodge reception area and stating all the required accommodation parameters. The front desk staff will then create a new accommodation entry, which will be validated immediately. Therefore, last minute accommodations are also supported and those who seek for a room to sleep in while on the rush in the Irish highlands can confidently come to the Winding Railway Lodge.